What’s Next

Clean shaven, new haricut, and back in sunny California.

Now that I’ve hiked from Key West to Canada, I have to find something else to do with my life. So here’s my 4 Step plan at continued adventure:

1. Get a Job.
2. Write a Book.
3. Continue Blogging.
4. Work that Bucket List.


I’m not so excited about numero uno, but it has to be done. You can’t take off for a whole year trekking across America and not spend money. Hopefully whatever job I find will be fulfilling, lucrative, and portable so that I can take off on more adventures when the opportunity arises.


Yes, I am writing a book. I can now call myself an author. Actually, I’m a starving, aspiring author. Many of the literary greats started in this situation. I am happy with my company. The book will chronicle the hike from Key West to Canada, events leading up to it, and the perspective the trek has given me. I look forward to writing it and to you buying it.


This blog is not dead! There are a few epic stories from my trek that need to be written. After that, I’m going to transition to a How-To, Gear Review, and Destination Guide. I’ve found that most online reviews of hiking gear aren’t written by people who put hundreds of miles on a pair of shoes, thousands of miles on a backpack, and use their camp stove and sleeping bag every night for a year. Be assured, the reviews here come from trial under fire that probably rivals the manufacturer’s testing.

The Bucket List

A good friend pressured me to make one. It’s basically turned into my adventure idea list. Doing something on that list? Need a partner? I’m your man. I’m excited about going after this stuff, because endorphins and testosterone make me feel good. Plus…you know…experiences of a lifetime and all that feel good stuff….

Live Light and Rock On! …..and surf a lot-

Dec 26th Surfing...just another day in So Cal.