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Some beautiful eye-candy from my travels.

Episode 1- Florida Keys

Off the Grid: The Keys from Rich Mayfield on Vimeo. There’s been a lot of media coming out of this blog lately. However, this is the long-awaited “Episode 1.” It’s a must see if you’re following my journey.

Video from the Wild

Clip from the Top from Rich Mayfield on Vimeo. Here’s a short clip I shot from my hammock in the Rich Mountain Fire Tower. It turned out to be a horrible place to spend the night. However, the views before…


Teaser from Rich Mayfield on Vimeo. Just in case you missed it, here’s the teaser for the video episodes I’m shooting for this adventure. Special thanks for my sister, Charlotte, for spending countless hours editing the raw footage I sent…

Florida Trail GPS Log

With my trip along the Florida Trail complete, I’ve collected quite a few check-ins. Each night I checked in with a Spot Satellite Messenger. This device relayed my position to a satellite. From there, family is notified via email and…