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  • Apple's Plot to Ruin Your iPhone

    I'm a huge fan of Android, however I did switch over to an iPhone once for a few cycles. I noticed some things, then I noticed them again in the latest iPhone release.    Everytime an updated iPhone comes out, it seems that an OTA (Over the Air) update also becomes available for old iPhones. The update never contains anything useful. For

  • Building a Fast Blog with Get Simple CMS

    ...or how I ditched WordPress for something more practical.   WordPress is great. It has a ton of themes, a ton of plugins, and a ton of support due to it's widespread adoption. Furthermore, WordPress can scale to handle a lot of users and a lot of posts. However, this functionality comes at a price.    WordPress uses a database

  • Installing ArchLinux on a Raspberry Pi

    Installing ArchLinux on your Pi is the first step in establishing a SeedBox or any other embedded system. I choose ArchLinux because it's about as barebones as you can get. There's no extra software past what you install, so it's more prone to run nice and snappy. The downside is that you HAVE to install everything you need. This makes setup more