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 +====== Communications_Procedures ======
 +I employ the Spot Satellite Messenger to communicate while I'm abroad. This communications device uses GPS to determine position and is capable of sending 4 distinct messages and continuously tracking position. To conserve battery life, I do not use the tracking function. The following is a list of the messages and what they mean:​{{wiki:​Spot.jpg |Spot Satellite Messenger.}}
 +===== SOS =====
 +Sending this message alerts local Emergency Personnel of a life threatening situation. They are notified of my location. It is akin to calling 911. Along with the device, I purchased $100k worth of insurance so I won't be afraid to press this button if I need to. Aside from threats to my own life, I could use this button to summon assistance for other people. //To assure friends and family that I am well if I used the SOS feature to help someone else, I will follow the SOS message with the custom message described below. Look for this to know that I'm safe and helped save another life.//
 +===== Help =====
 +This message alerts friends and family that I need help. It isn't a life threatening emergency, but a call that says, "I really need to get back to civilization"​ or "I need help that emergency services can't provide."​ I hope to never use this out of the blue.
 +===== OK =====
 +I send this message every night when I have found shelter and settled in. This tracks both progress and well-being.
 +===== Custom =====
 +This message will be sent to cancel a call for help or let others know the call was for someone else. This is also used to inform others of my location for coordinating pick-ups. If you see this message and don't know what it's about, completely disregard it.
 +===== Tracking My Progress =====
 +You can track my progress a variety of ways outlined on the [[Where Is Rich?]] Wiki. Additionally,​ if you want to receive email or text alerts when I check in, please send an email request to [[mailto:​|]].
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