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 +====== Parts_List ======
 +*IOIO Interface- ($49.95) ​
 +*Relay Shield- ($20)
 +*Android Phone- HTC Evo (Various)
 +*Battery Pack- 
 +*Custom PCB- 
 +*Airframe Parts
 +**Perforated Aluminum Airframe
 +**Cardboard Box
 +**Aluminum Foil Insulation
 +**Contact Placard
 +*Barometric Altimeter- Parallax MS5607 ($29.99)
 +*Misc Control System Parts
 +**9V Connector
 +**9V Batteries
 +*Recovery System Parts
 +**Nichrome Wire
 +**Heat Shrink Tubing
 +**Nylon line
 +**Fishing Line
 +**Chute Tube
 +**Reload Motor for Smoke
 +**CD3 Ejection System- ($155)
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