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 ====== Scrapped Gear ====== ====== Scrapped Gear ======
-Here's what I'​ve ​ditched along the trail:+This is a list of gear that I'​ve ​decided not to take back out for various reasons. ​
-Florida City, FL: +  ​*Camelbacks ​and bladders 
-  *Trail Running Shoes +    *Difficult to fill, drink too fast, sometimes leak. 
-    *Reason- Improper fit +  *Zipoff Pants
- +
-Orlando, FL +
-  ​*Primus Stove and Fuel Bottle +
-    *Reason- Heavy and wasteful +
-  *Spork +
-    *Reason- Broken +
-  *Camelback Bladder +
-    *Reason- ​Difficult to fill, drink too fast +
- +
-PensacolaFL +
-  *EMS Zipoff Pants +
-    *Waist too small now :)+
     *Zippers irritate     *Zippers irritate
     *Zippers not sown properly     *Zippers not sown properly
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   *Katadyn Purifying Water Bottle   *Katadyn Purifying Water Bottle
     *It's like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose     *It's like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose
-  *Osprey Atmos 65L Backpack 
-    *Tear in side, mouse hole in back 
   *REI Quarterdome T1   *REI Quarterdome T1
     *Does not sit level     *Does not sit level
     *Small size creates condensation problems     *Small size creates condensation problems
 +  *[[http://​​english/​2913.trangia_stoves.html|Trangia Alcohol Stove]]
 +    *Alcohol stoves take way too long to get anything done. It's a neat concept, but isn't practical.
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