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   *Machine: Epilog Helix 65W CO2 Laser   *Machine: Epilog Helix 65W CO2 Laser
   *Material: 65lb Black Cardstock (Wausau Paper Creative Collection)   *Material: 65lb Black Cardstock (Wausau Paper Creative Collection)
-  *Settings:+  *Settings ​(Raster to burn holes):
     *Mode: Raster     *Mode: Raster
-    *Speed: ​40+    *Speed: ​100
-    *Power: ​100%+    *Power: ​75%
     *DPI: 1200     *DPI: 1200
     *Dithering: Standard     *Dithering: Standard
Line 25: Line 25:
     *Speed: 100%     *Speed: 100%
     *Power: 50%     *Power: 50%
-    *DPI400+    *Freq2500Hz
   *Marking Settings:   *Marking Settings:
     *Mode: Raster     *Mode: Raster
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