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 +====== Where_Is_Rich?​ ======
 +I make an effort to check in every night to track my progress and let friends and family know where I am. Here's a few links so you can follow me:
 +===== Live =====
 +[[http://​​shared/​faces/​viewspots.jsp?​glId=0TvWa94xuQOJt9iAlzqRSrVdVOIUJd2zy|Spot Shared Page]]- Contains check-ins from the previous 7 days.
 +===== Historical =====
 +I've used my Spot Messenger to check in every night and create a record of my journey. Download [[http://​|Google Earth]] to view the KML files associated with my trip.
 +==== Eastern Continental Trail ====
 +Florida Trail- [[http://​​expeditions/​EasternContinentalTrail/​FloridaTrail-Complete.kml|Complete Campsite List]] of where I stayed each night while hiking the Florida Trail.
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