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Consumer 3D Printer Comparison

This comparison is intended to help decide between common consumer grade 3D printers. For info on 3D printer filament, please check out MatterHacker's 3D Printer Filament Comparison Guide.

ManufacturerModelPricePrintable DimensionsResolutionFilament CostNumber of HeadsMaterial SupportedStandalone OperationNotes
MakerBotReplicator$28999.9“x7.75”x5.9“100 Micron$48/2lbs1PLAYes5th Generation
MakerBotReplicator 2x$24999.7”x6“x6.1”100Micron$48/kg (ABS) $65/kg (Dissolvable)2ABS & DissolvableLCD“Experimental”
3D SystemsCube3$10996“x6”x6“70HD or 200SD Microns$49/cartridge2PLA, ABSYesProprietary Cartridge
3D SystemsCubePro$289911.2”x9.06“x10.6”70HD or 200SD or 300Fast Microns$99/cartridge3PLA, ABS, NylonYesProprietary Cartridge
Airwolf 3DHDR$459511” x 8” x 12”60 MicronMarket, 2.8mm, $48/2.2lbs231+Tablet2hr Training in Costa Mesa, Local Support
Airwolf 3DHDL$229512” x 8” x 11”80 MicronMarket Rate 3mm16+NoLocal Support, 2hr Class, Upgrade-able Design
Airwolf 3DHDx$349512”x8”x12”60 MicronMarket Rate 3mm122+LCDLocal Support, 2hr Training in Costa Mesa
Airwolf 3DHD$299512”x8”x12”60 MicronMarket Rate 3mm112YesLocal Support, 2hr Training
Airwolf 3DHD2x$399511”x8”x12”60 MicronMarket Rate 3mm222+YesLocal Support, 2hr Training
SeeMeCNCOrion Delta$12994.125”x4.125”x9” or 6” diameter x 9“50 MicronMarket Rate 1.75mm1PLA and ABSYesDelta Style Design
SeeMeCNCRostock MAX™ v2$99911” Diameter x 14.75“50 MicronMarket Rate 1.75mm1PLA and ABSYesDelta Style Design, Requires Assembly
Boots IndustriesBI V2.5 3D Printer$119911.8” Diameter x 11.8“100 MicronMarket Rate 1.75mm1PLA and ABSLCD OnlySeems Unrefined
Dremel3D Idea Builder$9999” x 5.9” x 5.5”100 Micron$29.97/1.1lbs1PLAYesBuy supplies at Home Depot
FormLabsForm 1+$32994.9” × 4.9“ × 6.5”25 Micron~$360/2L of printing = $0.18/cc. Compare to FDM at ~$0.043/ccSLAResin- Standard, Castable, Flex, ToughNo, but constant connection not required.SLA Printer, Higher Resolution, Second Gen Product
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