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Completed Dock Board. The Cylon HAB Dock Board is the central connecting PCB for the Cylon HAB. It integrates the IOIO, Relay Shield, Altimeter, and Radio. In effect, it is a hard wiring harness.


Dock configured with IOIO and Relay Shield. The purpose is to provide a dock for the HAB's avionics. This board connects the IOIO to a relay shield, the TinyTNC and an altimeter module. It also allows expansion of the avionics package over a standard Arduino Style Shield connection.


Bare dock board before populating with components. Top rendering of Dock Board PCB. Created in Eagle. Uses custom parts from Atlantis Roads library. Email Rich for source files.

Version 1 Bugs

*Mounting holes are too close to the edge of the board. *Solder pads are too small for audio jacks, need to extend to make soldering easier. (Done) *LED/Key Circuit should drain to IOIO, not source current from it. (Done) *Through-Hole Solder Pads are thin. (Done) *Outline for LED orientation and audio jacks. (Done) *Silkscreen on power connector overlaps a thru-hole. (Done) *Get the date right (Done) *Integrate Tiny TNC *Add battery (Vin) Voltage monitoring

Improvements Version 2

*Removed TNC Circuit and integrated TinyTNC. *Mapped all IOIO Pins IAW IOIO Shield Dock. *Changed Power Connector. *Decreased footprint.

Parts List

Version 2 Parts List

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