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Project Cylons is my effort to turn smart phones into evil robots. More accurately, I am trying to use Android Smartphones to control autonomous vehicles. Smartphones are loaded with a variety of sensors including GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses. They are constantly being upgraded by phone manufacturers who have a keen interest in meshing the physical and digital worlds. Compared to traditional autonomous vehicle platforms, the smartphone offers increased processing power, transparent communication protocols, and the best sensors around…all integrated for a cheap price.


The IOIO board is a USB Host device that allows an android phone to interface with sensors and actuators.

Helpful Tips

*The phone must have USB Debug Mode turned <strong>OFF</strong> in order to communicate with the IOIO device. *To use the IOIO Library in an existing project, you must Reference a Library Project in your project: On the left-hand side of Eclipse, right-click on your project and click “Properties” Go to “Android” and click “Add” **Add all three IOIO libraries and click “Ok”

Dock Board

IOIO Shield Adapter (ISA)- Universal Adapter board for using Arduino style Shields with a IOIO. Available for purchase at the Atlantis Roads Store.

Cylon HAB Dock Board

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