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MITS Design Pro


*Export Gerber Data from Eagle *Open Design Pro *Click “Application” in top right of window and select “Converter” *Drag Gerber Files into Window, start with file other than Drill file.


*Select visibility on all layers except drill so that only drill hits are visible. *Drag to select all drill hits. *Drag selection to the drill layer. *Click the “Make Milling Outlines” Button to process the top and bottom layers. Set Parameters Select *.top for top and *.bot for Bottom. *Click the “Make Contour Routing Data” Button to process the board outline and routing.


*Select CAM-Lab from the top right dropdown. *Click the Tool “Milling Sequence” *Select the proper sequence and click OK. (Tick Simulation to run toolpath without milling). *Click “Adjust” *Click Camera to use the Fiducal Camera. *Jog the mill over to where you want the bottom left corner of the board. *Click “Set P1-P2” *When prompted, select “Align P2 after P1..or whatever” *Check that P2 is in a good area, then click “Set P1-P2” again. Returns to P1. *Drill holes for P1 and P2: Click “camera” to disable Camera Mode. Insert a bit into the mill. Click “Spindle- ON” Click Drill P1-P2 *Click OK to exit Manual Mode *Click “Continue” to start first job. *Insert Proper tool as indicated. *Monitor Milling, click through remaining steps, changing tools as prompted and adjusting cut depth as necessary. *When Bottom is indicated, click Adjust. *Click “To Initial” to move the head out of the way. *Flip the board along the long axis. *Jog the head and use the camera to find the P1 reference hole. *Click Set P1-P2 *Click align P2 after P1 *Jog to P2 if needed and click Set P1-P2 again. *Click OK. *Click Continue after proper tool is inserted. *Process remaining Jobs.

Adjust Depth of Cut

*Turn knob on presser foot to adjust depth of cut. *Clockwise= Deeper *Counter-Clockwise= Shallower


These are the cutters I consider necessary to prototype PCB's on a CNC mill. End mills are used for trace isolation and are a function of how tightly spaced your traces are. Drill Bits are used for drill hits and depend on the sizes of holes you want in your PCB. Routing Bit is not critical as it just outlines the board.

End Mills

* *

Drill Bits

*0.6 mm or #73 (Vias) *1.0 mm or #60-61 (Thru-Hole Components) *3.2 mm or 1/8“ or #30 (Standoffs)

Routing Bits



*Export Gerber files. *

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