About Rich

Thanks for visiting my blog. Who is Rich Mayfield? Well here I am:

I’ve always been an adventurer and I’m pretty sure I always will be. I snowboard, surf, dive, backpack, and sail. When I was a kid I spent my weekends in Boy Scouts camping, backpacking, and SCUBA diving. I joined the Navy to see the world. The Naval Academy taught me how to sail and navigate the oceans. I’ve backpacked through Europe, sailed the Meddeteranean and the Carribbean, and visited more than my fair share of foreign locales…and I want more.

In 2011 I hiked the Eastern Continental Trail. I started in Key West and ended at the Canadian Borer in Maine. The trail is an amalgamation of road walks, the Florida Trail and most notably, the Appalachian Trail.  I started this blog as an outlet for my daily thoughts so I could get them out of my head. They’re probably not worth the paper I’d write them on, so I’m fortunate someone invented the internet.

Since my "big hike" I've been languishing in the dump that is Southern California. I only get to go out for adventures every once and a while. However, I still try to knock out things on my Bucket List!

My website has a wealth of information about my exploits. For Pack Lists, Route Info and general knowledge, visit the My Personal Wiki. If you want to see where I’m currently trekking, visit the Where’s Rich page to track me on my current journey.