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Aren't you a little late?

After about 1800 miles trekking through Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, I arrived at Springer Mountain in Georgia and started the Appalachian Trail. Ever since, every hiker I pass who knows about the trail asks me one of these questions:

  • Aren't you a little late?
  • You're not planning on going all the way are you?
  • Will you be able to finish on time?

After 3000 miles, I still get the same questions. After I answer, "I'll probably be fine," I am countered with with one of the following statements:

  • Kathadin is going to close on ____ (random date in October)
  • You won't have time
  • You should ______ (insert advice)

At this point, I try to politely end the conversation. However, what I would like to say then and what I will now say on my blog is this:

  • Bite Me
  • Scoreboard- How many miles have you hiked this year? Not 3000, huh?
  • I can hike in snow, because I'm not a wimp like you
  • Kathadin doesn't actually close
  • Bite Me

That is all.

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