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Cold as Ice

You're as cold as ice, you're willing to sacrifice our love...oh AT...I love you, but why do you have to be so cold?

Oh snap, cold snap! Those were the words that ran through my head as the biting cold woke me up from a deep sleep. The clouds had lifted and the temperature quickly dropped about 10 degrees. It's time to get some new gear!

After spending way too much money at EMS, I continued on the trail ready for anything I thought the Northeast could throw at me. Money well spent in my opinion. Waterproof shoes, sleeping bag liner, new thermals...to start my shopping spree. I won't get into too much detail, but now I'm set. After a few days tramping in the snow and sleeping through sub-freezing nights, I think I've finally acclimated to my new fate.

Some prefer fire, some prefer ice. If you know me, you know I hold with those who favor fire. However, the snow is also great and shall suffice for now...or at least for the next 700 miles or so. I hate to advocate this type of insanity to anyone, but it has always worked for me.

I never thought I'd come to the point where my body accepts 35 degrees as "Balmy Hiking Weather." But, here I am, trekking on, cold as Jane Fonda's bleak soul.

Bonus to those who understand the myriad of references I just laid out (plagarized).

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