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When Odysseus made his fateful journey around the Meddeterranean, he came across an area where Sirens called to sailors with such a beautiful song that they were lured to their deaths before they knew what hit them. He wanted to hear their song so badly, that he instructed his men to tie him to the mast and fill their ears with wax so that they could keep sailing without being drawn to their deaths.

I wish I had a ship and a crew to keep me on course.

On the trail, the Sirens come in the form of outfitters, hostels, and outdoor adventure centers. I was almost trapped in one, and I am shamed to say it held me for several days. This place had all three of a hikers most time-wasting temptations: Food, cheap lodging, and adventure. My time was split between lounging by a river with like minded individuals, eating greasy food, whitewater rafting, and zip-lining. I even got offered a job by one of the outfitters. Before I knew it, I was almost at the event-horizon of this black hole. It didn't help that the first 2 miles of the hike out of the area involved a good 3000 foot climb. 

I broke the cycle. I spontaneously left with 2 hours of daylight and 4 hours worth of hiking to do. I hammocked under a ledge for the night after only making it a few miles, but I was free of the Siren's song.

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