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My parents came out to visit me at my place...otherwise known as the wilderness. It was a great time, because if you aren't a hiker, you aren't really comfortable in the wilderness, can't sleep in shelters, and generally are bothered by mice, flies, bats, and bears. This means hotels.

For my trip through the Shenandoah's, I got to Slack-Pack. This is where you hike each day with a light daypack, and return each night to the comfort of a warm, dry, and turn-downed bed. It is heaven.

It allowed me to visit with my parents, hike with my Dad (25 miles...respectable), and still make progress on the trail.

To top off the relative luxury I got to enjoy was a full service restaurant and bar, nightly entertainment, and views from the mountain to the valley below. I ate a lot of food. If you have the opportunity, the Skyline Resort makes this all possible. It truly is traveling in style...or at least compared to how I usually roll.

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