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I've seen my fair share of dangerous wild animals on the trail. Alligators, panthers, bears, snakes, and people. The thing is, alligators just lay there, panthers sprint away, snakes are easy to kill, bears are pussies, and people are just slow. What it all comes down to is that all of these "threats" aren't really that dangerous. Seeing a bear turn tail and run isn't exciting anymore.

You know what would make hiking really interesting? Velociraptors...Making things interesting for hikers since 145 million BC.

Seriously though...what fun is an animal that just runs away? These guys would really keep you on your toes and even provide an excuse to carry an assault weapon. Timber wolves used to fill this role, but the likes of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett hunted them to extinction years ago. What a bunch of greedy kill-joys. The truth is (based on solid science fiction) that many of these guys escaped from an Island in South America and swam to the mainland. I was excited after watching Jurassic Park 3 to learn that inGen actually produced a viable species that could survive in the wild. I'm not sure they've migrated up here yet; but, I'll be ready when they do.

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