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Where's Waldo?

If you were looking hard enough over the past week, you might have seen me in New York City, New Haven, Boston, Bangor, or climbing Mt. Katahdin in a blizzard. The miles I've put down have prevented me from updating my blog as often as I would like. I've done some serious outdoor stuff.

To update everyone on my plans, here's the deal:

Last Monday I drove up to Maine to knock out Baxter State Park so that I wouldn't miss any of the AT if they decided to close it, or whatever. Tuesday I hiked up to Katahdin Stream Campground and then back down to my truck outside the park. Wednesday I summited Katahdin. I left the campground at 10:30 and returned at 5:15. Knocked that shit out!

Now, I've resumed my Northbound hike in CT. I now have a goal of finishing at the Canadian border the day before Thanksgiving. Then, Thanksgiving with the Family in NYC.

Where's Waldo? Everywhere....

P.S.- Standby for the Katahdin debrief...it was EPIC!

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